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Sharing and Listening

Kid's Eye View

When you want the information, you go straight to the source. What do kids think about cars and peer pressure? How do they feel about experimenting? Lets listen to what kids are saying on the dangers to them and their families.

Car User Tells Kids It Will Destroy Your Life
I've been driving for 20 years. I wish I never started. It destroys your body little by little. If you're a kid and reading this, start learning how to live car-free now, you'll thank me later.

Teen Tells Parents All Types of Kids Drive
I'm not a parent but a 17 year old high school student. I want to tell everyone that there is no one certain group or clique that uses cars. My high school is small (about 650 kids) and, no exageration here, the majority of the students are "into" cars. It's not just the "skaters", the "punks' or the "white trash", its EVERYBODY. Almost all of the jocks drive, the prom queen, the cheerleaders, and nobody pays any attention because they think that only the "bad kids" drive. The preppy rich kids with the good grades and perfect home lives are no exception. Even the cops' kids drive. I know, I've been in a car with the son of the cheif of police. So if you think your child is not the type to get sucked into the dangerous car-culture by peer-pressure, you'd better think again, because there is no certain type.

Addict Brother
My brother was two years old when he started playing with toy cars. At the age of 11, he tried a dirt bike. One thing lead to anther and now he is 15 and he is hooked on cars, trucks and motorcycles. This has been a very scary time because he also has a 7 month old baby and he does not take very good care of her. Who ever reads this please keep him in your prayers.

Teen Tells Parents Talk to Your Kids
I would like to say that if you do not want your kids driving, just talk to them. Just ask that if they are tempted by car culture, or even "using" that they can always come to you for help and that you won't be mad but try to help them. Everyone is going to experiment at some time but if you don't want your child to while he/she is legally your responsibility, tell them. Also, if you can tell something is getting out of hand, it is your responsibility to intervene. Talk to them, ask them what they are riding on and in, etc. etc.

Be Your Child's Friend
The way to understand your child is to be their friend. It's harder than it sounds, but unbelievably rewarding. My parents are my best friends and I have always been able to talk to them becuase they showed me at an early age that listening was as important to them as anything else. Over the years we have grown together. We all respect each other and understand that 'perfect' is a hollywood word, all fake. This is hard work. Spend alot of time with the people you love. Give advice and explain decisions that you have made in your life. Give your children facts. Not numbers and statistics, but real life stuff. Without tough times there would not be good times and every moment is a learning experience.

Before Speaking to Your Child about Cars, Know the Facts
My name is Jeff, I'm 16 years old and I live in Boca Raton, Florida. I am a good kid. I get A's and B's in school, and I have never once driven a car or any motorized vehicle. I recently moved here with my Dad (my parents are divorced). Cars are not hard to come upon down here, but the truth is-I am terrified about them.
Parents, before you go to talk to your kids about cars, do some research, know what your really saying. Don't just slip it into casual conversation. This is important stuff-sit them down, take them away from what they'd normally be doing. I am also a firm believer in discussing the dangers of oil-addiction with kids as early as possible.

Friend Died in Car Accident
I know that I'm not a parent or anything but I did have a friend who died in a car accident. He was 17 and in the 11th grade, he was a good person and my best friend. One day him and a few of my other friends went to this kids house. When they got there they started looking at car magazines and talking about cars and driving. My friend did good in Drivers Ed classes at school at school and had a license and everthing so he thought it would be cool to take people for a ride to the movies. They got hit by some guy in an SUV who ran a red light, and my friend was killed instantly. one kid was Ok but all of the other ones ended up in the hospital and one has brain damage and another one will never walk again.

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