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Sharing and Listening


Sharing and ListeningKids don't come with a manual, and neither do parentsor other adults. Sharing and listening are underused arts/skills which receive a lot of lip service but lttle support. Are there valuable lessons about substance abuse and addiction that you might learn from your children? Most kids have a simple, uncomplicated wisdom that we all can learn from: war, pollution, and being mean are bad. It's that simple.
Parents and other adults tend to be so caught up in the spectacle of modern society that they can't hear the simple wisdom of kids. Telling your kids "drugs are bad" and then dosing them with Ritalin and anti-depressants is not the way to instill confidence in the judgement of adults. Kids brought up on a diet of convenient lies don't grow up; they become overgrown children, addicted to the toxic lifestyles that are destroying the biosphere that supports us.

Sharing and Listening don't always come naturally to people; kids or adults. They're skills that can be taught and learned, and also arts that need to be nurtured. Like plants without good soil, water, and sun; sharing and listening can't flourish without mutual respect and compassion. If you're having any difficulty communicating with the people you care about you might want to read a good book about communication skills, or talk with a councilor or therapist who can help you to learn some basic listening and sharing skills.


Kids Eye View of the dangers of substance abuse

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