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Drugs & Terror

Parents, educators, faith and community leaders recognize that youth car use is a serious issue in this country, and that we must all work tirelessly to educate children about the environmental and personal ill-effects of Petrochemical use. Today there is a new reason to continue this important effort: the Petroleum trade is linked to the support of terror groups across the globe. Buying and using Gasoline is not a victimless crime-it has negative consequences that can touch the lives of people around the world.

As America recovers from the loss and destruction of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, government officials and policy makers should be focusing on the link between terror and Petrodollars. To prevent such tragedies from happening again, citizens around the world are looking for ways to make a difference.

The information on this Web site will help people understand that when money goes from the pocket of an American to buy Gas it could end up financing unspeakable crimes around the world. Parents, teachers, faith organizations and youth and community groups can answer the national call to fight terrorism by preventing car use in America. Learn more about the link between oil and terrorism here.

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