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The Discussion

Time and again, kids say their parents are the single most important influence when it comes to car use. So this message needs to start with you. Kids need to hear how risky car use can be. Don't wait until your child has a problem. The earlier you talk to your kids about cars, the less likely they will be to use them. Find a time like walking your child to school or soccer practice and use it as an opportunity to talk. Tell your kids how the pollution from cars interferes with concentrating on schoolwork or their ability to play sports. Remind them that more people die car-related deaths each day than have died from marijuana use in all of recorded history. Explain the legal trouble they can get into and let them know they could lose a leg or a lung. Tell them how to stay away from risky situations and the words to use if someone tries to pressure them into participating in car culture.

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Join the dialogue 
People from all over the world are facing the same difficult problems and trying to make the right decisions about car use; for themselves, and for their kids. Our partners at Carbusters sponser a discussion forum on their Website where you can join in discussions already in progress, or start your own discussions about the issues that concern you most.




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